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    Robotics With Python

    Program your virtual Robot to do different missions with drag and drop coding blocks, and Python programing language


Robots are increasingly being used in many fields. They are in factories, agriculture, homes, and space exploration. Robots will continue to spread into the future making difficult and repetitive tasks easy to do. There is something really exciting about being able to control a robot and make it achieve different tasks.

In this course students will program a virtual Robot to do different challenges in a playground. Students can watch the Robot using three different cameras making the experience very realistic. VEX Robots can be programed using Both block codes and Python programing language. Python is currently one of the fastest growing programing languages used also in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. 

During the course students will learn and implement the following concepts:

  • Programming statements: if/else, loops, while and random.
  • Variables: use variables to store information.
  • Sensors: use gyroscope, proximity, touch and color sensors

This is a no miss course for a future engineer!


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Course Details
9-11 Years
Course Type
Block Coding and Python
Number of Classes
4 Classes - One Class/Week
Class Duration
1.5-2 Hrs
English and Arabic
Course Fees
1200 EGP/Month


Learn concepts such as: motion, speed and distance while coding with Python
Expand 21st century skills like creative thinking, problem solving, and computational thinking
Understand engineering concepts like different sensors, gyroscopes and their use in machines

Sample Projects

Number Grid Challenge

In the Drive to Three Numbers Challenge, the VR Robot will drive to three numbers on the Number Grid Map Playground in any order, using the Location Sensor and operator blocks.

And wait 2 seconds on each location.

Key takeaways include:

- Location Sensor

- Coordinates

- Position Angles

IF Statements

Wall Maze Challenge

Apply blocks from the Drivetrain, Sensing, and Control categories in the correct sequence in order to have a VR Robot successfully navigate the Wall Maze Playground using the Bumper Sensor.

Key takeaways include:

- Bumper Sensor

- IF Statements

- Drive for and Turn for Blocks

Color Disk Maze

Write a code to make the robot reach to the colored disks in the disk maze playground and stop there. The robot uses the Eye Sensor to determine presence and color of the disk. Use conditions to do different actions depending on disk color. Loop the robot to do the same tasks for every disk.

- Eye Sensor

- Loops

- IF Statements

- Drive for and Turn for Blocks

The Disk Mover

The Robot must use the Electromagnet to pick up each disk and move it to the goal of the same color on the Disk Mover Playground. You will need to use nested loops and the Electromagnet along with blocks from the Drivetrain, Sensing, and Control categories to solve the Disk Mover challenge.

- Robot's Electromagnet 

- Boost and drop disks with metal cores

- Loops and nested loops

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